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The China Connection

Much of the MSM sold in the United States in manufactured in China or other countries from petrochemical sources (i.e. oil) and sold at deeply discounted prices. Recent events in the media have underscored the fact that the FDA refuses more imports from China than any other country, with India running a close second.

OASIS Refusals by Country of Manufacturer's for November 2008

Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS for China - July 2008

The bottom line: If you're not sure where your MSM comes from, you have no guarantee of quality, purity or freedom from contamination. Don't take chances with your health: DistilPure™ MSM is guaranteed by analysis to be 99.9% pure natural source MSM.


The China Connection

If you're looking for the purest natural-source (i.e., not manufactured from petroleum) MSM that humans know how to manufacture, look no farther. DistilPure™ MSM Crystal Flakes are distilled from DMSO produced from the natural residue of European grains. If you use MSM, you owe it to yourself to use DistilPure™. You can't get it in stores - order some today! Please.

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