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What is MSM?

MSM is Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane, a dietary source of supplemental sulfur which, in its purest form, is derived from natural pine trees through a process of distillation.

Foods containing sulfur include grains, legumes, fresh unprocessed vegetables like garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts. MSM occurs naturally in meats, fish, poultry, eggs and milk, among others.

When we take MSM (organic sulfur) we are simply taking a mineral which should form part of our normal daily diet.*

"MSM is often so effective for pain relief that doctors are able to lower the dosage of medication they prescribe for patients. Sometimes they are even able to discontinue the medication. The end result is relief along with fewer or no side effects that are frequently caused by prescriptive pain medications. An exciting and natural option for pain relief has arrived - a nutritional supplement that supplies biologically active sulfur, a sorely neglected mineral nutrient." *

-From The Miracle of MSM, the Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. et al.

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What does MSM do for my health?

Organic sulfur is a vital ingredient in the formation of keratin, collagen and elastin (disulphide bonds) which give flexibility, tone and strength to muscles, bones, joints, internal membranes, skin, hair and nails. Many people have found MSM to be beneficial in combating the effects of arthritis pain, particularly when taken in conjunction with glucosamine sulfate, another nutritional supplement which supports the formation of cartilage in the joints.*

“As a nutritional supplement, MSM is rapidly establishing a reputation as a safe, natural and effective solution for:

  • Degenerative wear-and-tear arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendinitis and bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Post-traumatic pain and inflammation
  • Heartburn”*

(MSM, The Natural Solution for Pain, Jacob, Lawrence, et al., Berkley, 1999, New York, p. 3]

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Cosmetic Benefits

“MSM is one-third sulfur, and sulfur has the reputation for being nature's 'beauty mineral', for keeping the hair healthy and the complexion youthful. Skin, hair and fingernails are normally quite high in cysteine, one of the sulfur amino acids that gives keratin...its property of toughness. As physicians who treat patients for pain disorders, we are not experts in the field of cosmetics. But we do receive frequent feedback from our patients about how surprised they are to experience the cosmetic bonuses of MSM: softer skin, harder nails, and thicker hair."* (MSM, The Natural Solution for Pain, Jacob, Lawrence, et al., Berkley, 1999, New York, p. 221]

Other noted benefits may include relief from constipation, lessening of scar tissue, and more energy.*

Nutritionists previously thought it was unlikely that we could become deficient in organic sulfur. During the last few decades however, a number of factors have taken their toll:

  • Over-farming of land leading to deficiencies in the food chain.
  • Long term storage of foods.
  • More processed and preserved foods.
  • A large increase in the use of fast foods and pre-prepared foods.

Consequently some people are now thought to be deficient.

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Why DistilPure?

Rain Nutrience, based in Canada, has built a new state of the art MSM facility and produces superb quality MSM Crystal Flakes by distillation from a certifiable natural source. While most varieties of MSM available in the United States come from synthetic (usually petrochemical) sources, DistilPure™ MSM is an extremely pure, excellent quality, natural source (grain-based, certified 100% bio-source) product with no fillers or additives. It contains no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, sugars, sodium salt, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy or dairy products, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is simply the finest quality, natural-source MSM available.

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What about competing claims?

The MSM market is extremely competitive, and many companies are pulling out all the stops to direct business their way. Some of the claims which are commonly made are:

Myth: Only MSM with certain patent numbers is 100% pure.

Reality: MSM is a naturally-occurring substance and therefore cannot be patented. It would be like someone trying to patent helium for balloons. A process for refining MSM can be patented, but this is no guarantee that other processes are any less effective.

Myth: Canadian MSM is not 100% pure and "is known for adding fillers," along with products from China or India.

Reality: This is a direct frontal attack on DistilPure™, and is simply not true. The distillation process used by Fortius, Inc. results in MSM that is greater than 99.9% pure based on gas chromatography analysis. A certificate of analysis is available upon request.

Myth: If anything floats on the surface of a liquid, these are fillers and your MSM is not pure.

Reality: Any powdered substance, no matter how pure, will leave some particles floating on top because of the nature of the surface tension of water. Once these have been stirred down, they will dissolve like the rest of the material.

Why can't I buy DistilPure™ in Stores?

Two reasons. 1) Getting a product into the large retail chains, or smaller stores nationwide, is a gozillion-dollar proposition, and 2) Sitting there on the shelf, DistilPure™ would just be another product among thousands.

Most of the MSM sold in health food stores and grocery outlets is purchased in mass quantities from China or India and sold at cut-rate prices. If you want jewelry, you can shop at a discount chain or you can shop at Tiffany's. DistilPure™ is, to our way of thinking, the gold standard of MSM. Harder to come by, and costs a bit more, but worth every penny. Remember that the bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten. If you like DistilPure™, please tell your friends. Referrals from happy customers are the kindest compliments we can receive.

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What about capsules?

Some folks don't especially care for the taste of MSM and would rather take it in capsule form. We can get capsules, but we'll have to buy a ton of them - literally, and that's an expensive proposition. We're getting close, and we'll let you know.

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What's All This About Glucosamine?

Glucosamine Sulfate is one of two commonly-available preparations of glucosamine, the other being glucosamine HCl. It is widely used as a treatment for osteoarthritis, cartilage support and other joint pain problems.*  Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated significant benefits from the use of glucosamine, and many commercially available preparations combine glucosamine with chondroitin or MSM. In the interest of fairness, other studies exist which show no significant benefit from the use of glucosamine, but millions of people have experienced significant improvement in their symptoms.*

What kind of glucosamine should I buy?

The quality of commercially available supplements varies widely with manufacture.  The Nutrisearch Institute, which regularly rates all available multivitamins on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, illustrates this disparity: of over 1500 stand-alone products rated in their most recent (4th) edition, only 4 were rated a full five stars and submitted their products for independent testing. Moreover, over 80% of the products listed rated 2.5 stars or less.  Products were rated based on adherence to a blended standard from 12 different nutritional authorities, as well as a health support profile.

Whatever glucosamine you purchase, it should be manufactured according to pharmaceutical cGMP's (Good Manufacturing Processes) and not food standards; it should also adhere to USP guidelines for potency and dissolution. Very few supplements on the market meet both these criteria.

Glucosamine plus Turmeric

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, which is the foundation spice of curry powder. It appears to be a powerful pain-reliever which functions much like a natural cox-2 inhibitor. Studies have been published showing that turmeric is effective in the reduction of joint inflammation.*

At OCH Distributing, we retail a powerful and highly-effective formula of glucosamine sulfate mixed with turmeric, manganese, vitamin C and silicon.*  Manufactured to the most exacting pharmaceutical standards, listed in the Physician's Desk Reference and containing a dosage 33% higher than industry standard, we believe this product to be the gold standard in joint health support. Combined with our DistilPure™ MSM, it offers an unparalleled quality solution for those looking for help with joint discomfort.*

For further information about the glucosamine product we put our trust in, click here (801K PDF).

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What is your satisfaction policy?

We want happy customers, period. We guarantee that DistilPure™ will be free from manufacturing defects - any bottle found to be defective will be replaced without question, or your money will be refunded. Furthermore, if you try DistilPure™ and find that it's not giving you the results you expect, simply return it within 30 days. We'll gladly refund the price of your first bottle (less shipping) with no hassles and questions asked.

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If you're looking for the purest natural-source (i.e., not manufactured from petroleum) MSM that humans know how to manufacture, look no farther. DistilPure™ MSM Crystal Flakes are distilled from DMSO produced from the natural residue of European grains. If you use MSM, you owe it to yourself to use DistilPure™. You can't get it in stores - order some today! Please.

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