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Laughter, the Best Medicine

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy... and 9 out of 10 voices in our heads tell us that life lived without laughter is a sin. For no other reason than that, here is a collection of things that, hopefully, will make you smile and raise your spirits. You won't find anything that's crude or demeaning here... there's plenty of that available for those who want it elsewhere.

This site will be updated regularly, check back often!

the Best Medicine

Disclaimer: There may be some attorney humor in here. Please don't sue me. I have the highest respect for the honest, ethical attorneys out there. Both of them. Phil, when you find the other one, please call me.

Administratium (The Heaviest Element)

Angels on the Head of a Pin (An Education Parable by Alexander Calandra)

Attorney Humor

Cat Rules for Dealing with Humans

Chemical Warfare (Do you know your chemical formulas?)

Funny, Funny Mother

Giving Medicine to a Cat

Health According to Genesis (mildly irreverent)

Interesting Quotes About Technology

IQ Test for People Who Know Everything

Make Mine Mac (Mike Royko, Chicago Tribune (From 1995)

Manuscript Found in a Tape Canister (From 1980)

Scientific Names Test

"Special Forms, The Lady Tells Him" (For anyone who's ever waited at an I/O window for their job)

Ten Commandments for Travelers

The Farmer's Revenge

TV Plot Generator: Create your own award-winning TV Plots, become famous and make zillions

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