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Shipping Prices

Shipping costs have always been a challenge. Prices with the USPS continue to rise*, and we've done our best to keep costs down. We are no longer adding additional shipping charges, but the unavoidable reality is that rates for shipping via Priority Mail International (the only real option to Canada) are - to put it mildly - abominable.

Add to this the fact that our product comes from PEI in Canada, and it's kind of like shipping coals to Newcastle, but that's the landscape we have to play on at the moment. We appreciate your understanding

Thank you for your continued patronage!

*There was a significant rate increase for the US Postal Service on
January 22. 2017. We're just as annoyed by this as you are..

If you're looking for the purest natural-source (i.e., not manufactured from petroleum) MSM that humans know how to manufacture, look no farther. DistilPure™ MSM Crystal Flakes are distilled from DMSO produced from the natural residue of European grains. If you use MSM, you owe it to yourself to use DistilPure™. You can't get it in stores - order some today! Please.

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