Sweepstakes Fraud Factsheet

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The Swiss Connection

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The Bottom Line 

A number of frauds appear to have landed in Switzerland.  One scam  perpetrated by B.I.A.G./Capital Léon S.A. involved three parts:
  1. An official-looking mailing from B.I.A.G. (also known as Capital Léon S.A.) indicating that you are eligible to receive one of three "unclaimed prizes" in a "huge international tombola". For a small fee, they will send you one of the prizes (A new Toyota Celica, a widescreen Phillips TV, or a sealed envelope containing a cash value of $800.00).

  2. A mailing from "Tina Farel", a Swiss "psychic" who had a vision that you received the previous mailing, and letting you know that you have won the "envelope with a cash value".  In addition, for a small fee ($29.99), she will activate a Neo-Stellar Spectral Conjunction on your behalf, guaranteeing to improve the quality of your wretched life.

  3. An official-looking notification from T.C.I. (coincidentally, the same Capital Léon S.A.) indicating that a shipment of a "large sealed and protected envelope containing a cash value of $800.00 which constitutes prize No. 248 won following a random draw from the B.I.A.G. offices" is being held for you, and it will be released for a small fee ($24.99).

By the time you have responded to all three of these mailings, you will have spent $90.00 for an envelope stuffed with worthless coupons (remember, everywhere it says "cash value", not "cash".)  Perhaps you can save $800.00 by using them all, but you'd have to spend thousands to do it.


Be smart!  Avoid worthless solicitations of this nature like the plague! Never respond, or you'll find yourself inundated with hundreds of similar offers.