Sweepstakes Fraud Factsheet

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The prize you win


A Case Study

Sample Envelopes

Sample Letters

A New Twist - Here's a Check

The Prize You Win

The Canadian connection

The Swiss Connection

The Psychic Connection

What can victims do?

Known Scammers

Additional Links

The Bottom Line

What you have won:

Big Prize!

It's a big one, all right... if you get one of these in the mail, odds are you have already forked over anywhere between $10.00 and $25.00 in hopes of winning the grand prize.  That's not a very good return on your investment.

But it's a real check... go ahead and cash it.

What you have paid for:

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Report Page 1    Report Page 2

What is it?  It's a list of 18 contests you can enter.  And you've paid anywhere between $10.00 and $35.00 for the privilege.

Do you feel stupid yet?

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