Sweepstakes Fraud Factsheet

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A Case Study

Sample Envelopes

Sample Letters

A New Twist - Here's a Check

The Prize You Win

The Canadian connection

The Swiss Connection

The Psychic Connection

What can victims do?

Known Scammers

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The Bottom Line

AARP - The American Association of Retired Persons. You don't have to be retired to join, either - they are now including anyone 50 or older, or even their families.  An excellent resource for all issues relating to elder welfare.

BBB - The Better Business Bureau.  If you have questions about the legitimacy of any organization, these people can help you find the answers, and much more.

FTC - The Federal Trade Commission.  The Federal Government's consumer protection agency. A host of information for consumers and businesspeople alike.  A phenomenal resource for consumer protection issues.

Your state attorney general: In your browser's address window, type in "http://www.[your state abbreviation].gov". For example, the Utah State Government home page is http://www.utah.gov. From there, you can usually find a quick link to the Attorney General's office.

The Elder Fraud Project

US Boomers

There are many other resources available on the Net.  Use your search engine to look for "elder fraud" or "senior fraud".

Are you in the UK?  If you are getting any sort of fraudulent letters from scammers, psychics, African bankers, or the like, you can contact:

European Consumer Regulation Enforcement Section of the Office of Fair Trading.
Tel 020 7211 8000.
e-mail: euroteam@oft.gsi.gov.uk

An excellent fraud awareness page is Who Can You Trust.

Are you in New Zealand?  Even if you're not, an excellent link listing all known frauds and scams is found at the Government Consumer Ministry - this is even valid for folks in the US as many scams originate from overseas.